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Employee Termination Letters

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Need To Create A Letter Of Termination Sample? You Are Not Alone!

A letter of termination sample is an important document for any company. Every business from the smallest home based company to large corporations should have one. Unfortunately, terminating employees is part of doing business. Business owners should recognize this from the time they hire their first workers. All employers should have the Human Resources Department draft a letter of termination sample for future use. Usually firing an employee is highly stressful for everyone involved, including the firing manager.

Having a sample letter reduces the possibility of mistakes during this time. Both Human Resources and the company's legal department must prescreen this document. If your company does not have a legal department, use an independent lawyer. This review protects the company. If the employee sues the business for wrongful termination, the letter becomes a legal document. Then the court and judge will examine it and you want to make sure it does not violate any state labor laws. The document must be clear and concise and it should not contain wording that is open to legal interpretation.

Items to Include in a Letter of Termination Sample

Your letter of termination sample must include a few basic items. They are as follows: the date, the employee's name, the employee's address, the company name, the effective termination date and the terms of the separation. If you offer a severance package, then you might add information on monetary compensation and outplacement services. It also should tell the employee about his benefits. How will you handle the payout of vacation time, pension options and other financial matters. What about healthcare? Will you extend any of these benefits for any reason? Now you may not offer a severance package or continued benefits for all terminated employees. If this is the case, your letter of termination sample may include an open section labeled fittingly. Although the firing manager will have to complete it later, it will serve as a visual reminder to include this information.

Finally, a letter of termination sample should include a brief statement about the nature of the termination. A company may opt to draft a few different letter of termination samples to cover various reasons for termination. This gives the firing manager some correct wording to use. Remind your manager that this letter must be nonemotional and professional. You do not want the letter to reflect the manager's personal opinions on the employee.

When Not to Use a Letter of Termination Sample

Although each employer or company should create a letter of termination sample, keep in mind that each manager must tailor this document on a case-by-case basis. You must consider this sample as a template with specific items.

Terminate without fear of making mistakes. Our recommended procedure.

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Sample Termination Letter


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